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Clutch Adhesive

Clutch Adhesive

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Chokehold Adhesive works within a wide range of humidities. This adhesive has great retention, oil and waterproof free. The adhesive dries quickly making it great for all lash styles (classic, volume, hybrid, and mega volume) A bomb adhesive for those looking to maximize retention. 


Dry Time: 1 sec

Ideal Humidity and Temperature: 40%- 60%, 65°F -75°F
Shelf Life: Unopened 6months, opened 4-6weeks. Store in cool and dry place.

    • Retention: 6-8 Weeks 
    • Glue Temp: 65- 75 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • Humidity level : 40-60%
    • Oil Proof
    • Waterproof
    • Low  Fumes
    • Latex and Formaldehyde Free

Shelf Life

  • For best results  4-5weeks after opening 
  • 4-6 months Unopened

    Used for:

    • Classic lashing
    • Volume lashing

    The adhesive should be:

    • Shaken side to side, NEVER up and down.
    • Shake before each use
    • Shake for about 30 seconds to ensure ingredients are well mixed
    • If the glue is not well mixed, it will result in retention issues.
    • Chang every glue drop about every 20 minutes and into a new glue ring.
    • Never dispense adhesive on top of the previous drop.  
    Storing Adhesive:
    • Store in a cool, dry place 
    • Keep temperature consistent in your lashing suite.
    • Keep silica packet; place it inside jar or container for added freshness and to keep away excess moisture.
    • Store in Up Right position 
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